Borşa is a tourist resort in the Rodna Mountains, an area known for the conditions favourable to winter sports, as well as for its folklore and traditions.

Skiing has been practiced here since the last decades of the 19th century. Ski slopes are at an altitude of 1200-1500m, and a special attraction is the first ski jump hill, (50m high), which is unique in Europe.

The resort provides many possibilities of spending your spare time outside the winter season, with mountain trails that start from the locality and go to the Mountains of Maramureş and the Rodna Mountains; on the route, there are must-see natural objectives, as well as numerous traditions celebrated during local festivals.


The town Borşa is found in the east of Maramureş County, in the Hotar Valley, between the Mountains of Maramureş and the Rodna Mountains, at 673m altitude. Thus, the town is bordered by mountains in all directions – the Rodna Mountains are to the south, the Mountains of Maramureş to the north and the Țibău Mountains to the east.


  • Road access is on the route Baia-Mare – Sighetu-Marmaţiei – Vişeu de Sus – Moisei – Borşa – Prislop, on DN 18, which connects to DN 17 over the Prislop Pass, on the route Câmpulung-Moldovenesc – Vatra Dornei – Bistriţa.
  • Railway access is on the route Vişeu de Jos – Vişeu de Sus – Borşa, with a train change on the Salva – Sighetu Marmaţiei route.


Tourist objectives

Ski slopes

ÎThere are two intermediate difficulty slopes that operate in Borşa: Stiol, on a distance of 1000 m, and Poiana, on a distance of 2000 m. The slopes include 2-person chairlift in Poiana and ski lift for the Stiol peak. The skiable domain will be extended with a new slope that will be the longest in the country.

There is also the longest natural ski jump hill in Europe – 90 m.

The fees for the 2013-2014 ski season are:
  • Chairlift: - 1 lift: 10 Lei for adults, 5 Lei for children
  • Stiol ski lift: - 1 lift: 5 Lei

Horses Waterfall

The waterfall can be reached from the Borşa Resort by chairlift or on foot; it is at the NE of the Rodna Mountains. The water falls from a height of 90 m and it is one of the most spectacular waterfall in Romania. The water falls in several steps and it is formed by the melting of snows and by the mountain rains gathered in a corrie.
Pietrosul Rodnei Peak

The highest peak of the Oriental Carpathians, at 2,303 m, Pietrosul Rodnei offers special landscapes, with a panorama of the Vişeu Valley, Borşa, Moisei and the Mountains of Maramureş. Owing to the diversity and numbers of fauna and flora, it is a protected zone, as Biosphere reserve; here, apart from the rare species, tourists can also admire unique glacial phenomena – corries and glacial lakes.

The trail to the peak, marked with a blue stripe against a white background, starts from the town Borşa, it goes to the weather station (2h), and continues to the destination (2 more hours); it is accessible and its difficulty is low.

Lake Iezer

The glacial lake found under the Pietrosul Rodnei Massif is on the trail marked from Borşa, at an altitude of 1,825 m and it has an area of 3,450 m2. The panorama at the lake is splendid owing to the blue colour and to the green and rocky surroundings.

Prislop Pass

The highest pass in the Oriental Carpathians, found at an altitude of 1416 m, between the Mountains of Maramureşului at the north and the Rodna Mountains at the south, the Prislop Pass connects the Maramureş Depression and the valley of Bistriţa Aurie in Moldavia. The most important points of reference in the area are the Prislop inn and Monastery, the Museum of Roots and the Preluca Tătarilor Monument.


As one of the oldest settlements in Maramureş, the locality Borşa was inhabited since the Bronze Age, an aspect established by the ceramic objects unearthed and confirmed by the Dacian origin of the locality name - Borşa, from the word "Bora" meaning blizzard, storm.

However, the first written certification of the locality dates back to 1353, and it mentions it as included in the Cuhea domain of the Bogdăneşti. Its ownership is changed by the king of Hungary, Louis I, to the sons of Sas: Balc, Drag and Dragomir, in the years 1365.
The rich history of the locality also includes battles with the Tartars, and the victory in 1717, obtained by inhabitants of the area now called Preluca Tătarilor, was a major event in the history of the settlement.

Cultural events

Some of the most important events that are organised in Borşa:
  • December - January – Inter-county Festival "Winter Traditions in Borşa"
  • January– February – Winter salon of Maramureş plastic artists, Plastic art exhibition
  • February – Holiday of the Mountain and Celebrations of the Snow
  • March – Ancient spring traditions - Borşa
  • April – Days of the Forest – Borşa: Festival of environmental culture and spirituality
  • April – Holy and Fertile Land: Cultural-religious event for Saint George the slayer, protector of the town Borşa
  • April - May – Easter Exhibition and introduction of Holy Week traditions
  • June – Midsummer (Sânziene) Nights
  • July – Alpine Summer in Rodna Mountains
  • July –Titiana Mihali International Festival
  • August – Green Fest Festival
  • August – Dancing the Hora at Prislop
  • October – Autumn Festival

Tourist reception structures

Housing structures
Name of structureType of structureCategoryNumber of roomsNumber of placesTownAdressPhone no
ALEXIS guesthouse 3 stars 6 12 Borşa Str. Strâmturii, nr. 2A 0745.358.587
ANCA guesthouse 2 stars  4 8 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 27 0262.343787
ANCUŢA guesthouse 3 stars 10 20 Borşa Str. Victoriei, nr. 68A 0262.343.300
CĂLIN guesthouse 2 stars 5 15 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 9B 0262.344.263
CARMEN guesthouse 3 stars 7 15 Borşa Str. Unirii, nr. 74A -
CERBUL hotel 2 stars 27 54 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 8B 0262.344.199
CRIPENEL guesthouse 2 stars 3 6 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 33C 0740.972.414
DORIN guesthouse 3 stars 10 20 Borşa Str. Dragoş Vodă nr. 2E -
ELADI guesthouse 3 stars 6 11 Borşa Str. Valea Ilei, nr. 10A 0262.343.633
FÂNTÂNA guesthouse 3 stars 12 24 Borşa Str. Fântâna, nr. 36B -
HANTIG-LUCIAN guesthouse 2 stars 7 14 Borşa Str. Cascada, nr. 6 0262.343.663
IOANA guesthouse 2 stars 6 13 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 171A 0262.342.309
IULIA guesthouse 2 stars 4 8 Borşa Str. Victoriei, nr. 86A -
MARA rooms for rent 3 stars 8 16 Borşa Str. Bogdan Vodă nr. 1/A 0768.382.230
MARIA guesthouse 2 flowers 9 28 Borşa Str. Brădet, nr. 13 -
MESTEACĂNUL guesthouse 2 flowers 6 7 Borşa Str. Mesteacănului, nr. 15 0745.839.440
MIA guesthouse 2 stars 3 5 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 40 0262.344.282, 0745.390.777
NORDICA guesthouse 3 flowers 6 14 Borşa Str. Brădet nr. 10B 0742.793.805
ONU guesthouse 2 stars 5 10 Borşa Str. Fântâna, nr. 24B 0262.342.367
PĂLTINIŞ hotel 3 stars 19 38 Borşa Str. Vişeuţ, nr. 42 0262.344.190
PAULA guesthouse 2 stars 4 8 Borşa Str. Al. I. Cuza, nr. 18 -
PERLA MARAMURESULUI urban guesthouse 2 stars 5 10 Borşa Str. Victoriei, nr. 62/B 0744.701.094
POIANA urban guesthouse 2 stars 5 10 Borşa Str. Al. I. Cuza, nr. 103 0262.344.043
RODNA motel 2 stars 22 42 Borşa Str. Libertăţii, nr. 37 -
ROYAL guesthouse 3 stars 12 27 Borşa Str. Dragoş Vodă, nr. 5A 0262.344.705
TITI camping houses 3 stars 8 20 Borşa Str. Al. I. Cuza, NR. 134A 0262.344.884
TITI guesthouse 2 stars 5 12 Borşa Str. Al. I. Cuza, nr. 134A 0262.344.884
URSU cabin tourist 2 stars 7 15 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 11/D 0262.343.270
VADURI guesthouse 3 stars 14 40 Borşa Str. Vasile Alecsandri, nr. 66/B 0747.029.814, 0747.029.803
VĂLCINEŢ guesthouse 3 flowers 6 14 Borşa Str. Ţapinarilor nr. 20 0744.702.581
VICTORIA hotel 3 stars 21 42 Borşa Str. Strâmtura, NR. 9 0262.342.349
Food structures
Name of structureType of structureCategoryNumber of placesTownAdressPhone no
CERBUL day bar 2 stars 24 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 8B -
CERBUL classic restaurant  2 stars 146 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 8B, Hotel -
DORNA pizzeria  2 stars 30 Borşa Str. Libertăţii, nr. 37 -
DORNA self-service restaurant  2 stars 45 Borşa Str. Libertăţii, nr. 37 -
FÂNTANA classic restaurant  3 stars 78 Borşa Str. Fântâna, nr. 36B -
NORDICA day bar  3 stars 16 Borşa Str. Brădeţ, nr. 10B, Pensiune 0742.793.805
ROYAL classic restaurant 3 stars 144 Borşa Str. Dragoş
Vodă, nr.. 5A
TITI pizzeria 2 stars 88 Borşa Str. Al. I. Cuza nr. 134A -
VICTORIA day bar  3 stars 24 Borşa Str. Strâmtura, nr. 9 -

Tourist trails

Tourist trails in the Mountains of Maramureş:

  • On foot:
    - Șesuri (Valea Bistritei - DN 18) - Valea Șesuri - Fântâna Stanchi Chalet. Marking: blue dot; Duration: 4 - 5 ore.
  • By car:
    - Borşa Resort – Vişeu de Sus - 32 km, on DN 18;
    - Borşa Resort – Prislop Pass - Bistriţa Aurie-Bucovina (monasteries).

Tourist trails in the Rodna Mountains:

  • Borşa - Iezerul Pietrosului – Rebra Peak.
    Marking: blue stripe; Duration: 6 - 8 hours.
  • Borşa Resort – Fântâna Valley - Izvorul Cailor Waterfall - Stiol Saddle – Prislop Pass.
    Marking: red triangle; Duration: 4-5 hours.
  • Prislop Pass - Preluca Tătarilor - Borşa Resort.
    Marking: yellow stripe; Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours.
  • Borşa Resort - Poiana Runcu Stiolului - Stiol Saddle - Izvorul Bistriţei - Gârgălău Saddle.
    Marking: blue stripe; Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours.
  • Borşa Resort - Faţa Meselor - Puzdra - Galaţiului Saddle.
    Marking: blue dot; Duration: 4.5 - 5 hours.
  • Poiana Borşei - Negoiescului Valley - Puzdra - Galaţiului Saddle.
    Marking: Blue triangle; Duration: 6 – 6.5 hours.
  • Gârgălău Saddle - Galaţiului Peak - Rebra Peak - Bătrâna Peak – Setref Pass.
    Marking: red stripe; Duration: 14 - 16 hours.


Vişeu de Sus

Visit the page of the Vișeu de Sus town hall for additional information on the local administration and for news and events throughout the year.



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