Spa resorts

The Maramureş spa towns Ocna Șugatag and Coştiui are known for the healing properties of the waters here, with multiple benefits in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, of fatigue, of asthenia or for the elimination of chronic inflammatory processes.
Equipped with modern treatment centres, the spa town in Maramureş are an invite to tourists who seek relaxation and treatment.


Ocna Șugatag is at the foot of the Țibleş and Gutâi mountains, in the Maramureş Depression, at an altitude of 490 m; it connects the two largest towns in Maramureş County: Baia Mare, at a distance of approx. 54 km, and Sighetu Marmaţiei, 20 km away.
The locality Coştiui is part of the locality Rona de Sus, in the north of Maramureş County, along the Ronişoara brook, approx. 16 km away from Sighetu Marmaţiei, 45 km from the town Vişeu de Sus and approx. 80 km from the county capital, Baia Mare.


  • Road access to Ocna Șugatag is on DN 18 Baia Mare - Ocna Şugatag, while Coştiui can be reached on DN 18 following DJ (county road) 186 A from the locality Rona de Sus.
  • Railway access to both localities is up to the railway station in Sighetu Maramaţiei; from there, the resorts can be reached by car, because straight railway access is not an option.


Tourist objectives

Ocna Şugatag

The spa resort Ocna Șugatag is known by tourists for its sodium-chloride waters that are beneficial in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, of fatigue, of asthenia and in the elimination of chronic inflammatory processes. The resort has a modern treatment centre, with electrotherapy and physical therapy equipment, aerosol equipment, two large pools and one small pool with cold mineral water for bathing and aero-light therapy, two pools and three tubs with warm mineral water, underwater shower and galvanic baths. Furthermore, the resort has its own canteen, spaces for the practice of various sports activities, beaches, malls, parks and other recreation areas and accommodation options, among other, in cottages built in Maramureş style. Here there is also the only anthropomorphic lake in Europe, which is used in medical treatments.

"Crăiasa Forest" Nature Reserve has 44 ha and it has been a protected area since the year 2000, for the preservation of biologic diversity and the prevention of natural resource exploitation or operation activities. It is found at an average altitude of 485 m, in the north of the locality Ocna Șugatag, on DJ 109 F. The flora here is represented by durmast and larch tree stands, completed by oaks.

Morărenilor Lake, known by the locals as Tăul Brebului or Tăul Morărenilor, is a mixed natural reserve on the territory of the locality Breb and close to DN 1 F that connects Zalău with the town Carei. The lake has a depth of 20m, it occupies an area of 0.45 ha and it was formed by a landslide. This natural area also include a zone of forest and meadows; species like hazel trees, elderberry, eared willow, black alder, green alder, grey alder and the beech add to the flora, while the fauna is represented by species such as birds (mallard, little grebe, black-necked grebe), amphibians (yellow-bellied toad, red mountain frog) and reptiles (Carpathian newt, lizard, adder) etc.
Tăul Chendroaiei Natural Reserve, also known as Tăul de sub Gutâi, is on the territory of locality Ocna Șugatag, near the locality Hoteni. It is found at an altitude of 1,053 m, approx. 5 km away from the Gutâi Pass and it is a bog made from arctic moss, on which there are patches of lingonberry, bog bilberry and small cranberries.

The wooden churches in the localities of the locality Ocna Șugatag: Breb, Hoteni, Șugatag, entered in the list of historic monuments.

The "Michael and Gabriel" Wooden Church of Breb dates back to 1622 and it has one of the oldest and best preserved church towers in the country – and the wood in some elements of its structure is as old as 1530. Furthermore, the church keeps, here and there, the 1626 mural paining, the collection of icons that date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and a unique girder of the hood and archaic roof kept under the current one.

The "Saint Paraskeva" Wooden Church of Șugatag is a historic monument and it was built in 1642 from oak wood, matching the architectonic style of Maramureş wooden churches. The church painting dates back to cca. 1753.

The "Michael and Gabriel" Wooden Church of Hoteni was built in 1790 and it was brought to Ocna Șugatag from the locality Slatina which is not part of Ukraine.

"All Saint Sunday" Wooden Church of Ocna Șugatag was built in 1978-1983 from plank and oak wood and it is one of the reference objectives of the locality.


Băile Coştiui use, for healing purposes, the salt waters of a former lake formed by the collapse of an old salt mine. Since 1956, they have been known for the properties of the water here, high content of salt, used in the treatment of rheumatic conditions. Their wooden basin was restored in 1998.

Coştiui Larch Forest Reserve is a protected area found in the south of Coştiui, at an altitude of 575 m; it is administered by the Baia Mare Forest Directorate. The area of this forest reserve is 0.70 ha, and the forest here was declared a reserve in order to protect and preserve the species of larch (Larix dacidua) that grows up to 30 - 35 m high. Additionally, the forest is up to 150 years old, the larch reserve being one of the few of its kind in the country and a long-established tourist attraction in the area.

Apaffy Castle is one of the most important tourist objectives of Maramureş. It is found in Coştiui and, over the years, is has been used for multiple purpose, i.e. hunting lodge, residence of the families that owned the salt mines in the locality, or even a prison; at present, this building is a school. The name of the castle is given by the name of voivode Apaffy who owned it in the 17th century and who then transferred it in favour of the king of Hungary.
Over the centuries, the castles was transformed many time, but its history relates mainly to the salt mines of Coştiui, with nearly each noble leaving behind a gallery with his name. Thus, it is historically confirmed that, in the year 1800, in Coştiui there was a train that carried the salt to Sighet, where it was ground, and then loaded onto ships and transported on the Tisa river, navigable back then, to Hungary and from there across the world. Despite the tourists’ interest in visiting the underground galleries beneath the castle, they have been closed since 1986 in order to prevent accidents caused by the fact they had caved in.

"Saint John of Nepomuk" Statue, in the centre of Coştiui, dates back to 1742. Saint John of Nepomuk, known as protector of the mines, was a German-born martyr priest who lived in the period 1345-1393.

Saint John Roman Catholic Church of Coştiui was built first in 1729 and restored in 1804 – 1814. Later renovation works were done in 1995 (exterior) and in 1997 (interior).

"Calvaria" Roman Catholic Church is in Coştiui and it dates back to 1841 - 1842.


First documented in 1355, Ocna Șugatag has a history of approx. 660 years.

Until 1950, this locality was one of the most important centres of salt mining in the area and in the country; however, it ceased its activity because of the infiltration of waters in the salt mines.

Where the former salt mines were, there are now 8 lakes and salt water springs; the properties of these salt waters, helpful in the treatment of various health conditions, make Ocna Șugatag a spa resort that also operates as a recreation centre.
Coştiui was first documented in 1335, but salt mining in this area was known since Antiquity.

The end of the 19th century brought about major changes to the development of the community, by the commissioning of the narrow railway that connected Coştiui and Sighetu Marmaţiei, in 1872, and by the opening of the salt water baths in 1967. We can say that this was, practically, the period of maximum development of the Coştiui salt water baths.

Cultural events

The tourism value of the Ocna Șugatag area is improved by various artistic and historic events and by local folklore manifestations that are organised here during the year.

We select some of these events:

Tânjaua Hotenarilor – yearly spring event, in the locality Hoteni. It is a folklore celebration of the first man who ploughs the land, with the sons who carry 12 adorned "dollies", i.e. hitches that are used to team the oxen.
The festival of goulash, of pies and of Romanian cooking art of Ocna Sugatag – yearly mid-July event. Traditional Romanian and Hungarian food is cooked here and they compete to conquer the preferences of the visitors.

Dances at the barn – three Sundays in a row, after the Assumption of Mary, when people go dancing in the localities of Ocna Sugatag.

Ball of the Grapes – yearly event in the first half of October. When grapes are picked, a ball (festival) with folklore performances, music, dance and cheer is organised to celebrate the harvest.

Tourist reception structures

Housing structures
Name of structureType of structureCategoryNumber of roomsNumber of placesTownAdressPhone no
BABOU MARAMUREŞ guesthouse 1 flower 1 4 Ocna Şugatag nr. 149 -
BABOU MARAMUREŞ camping 1 star 10 40 Ocna Şugatag nr. 149 -
CASA ALBĂ guesthouse 3 stars 4 8 Ocna Şugatag Str. Primăverii nr. 12 0262.374.004
CASA MARAMUREŞEANĂ guesthouse 1 flower 2 4 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1E -
CASA VLAD-ALEX rooms for rent 2 stars 3 6 Ocna Şugatag Str. Sportului nr. 15 0749.012.878;
CASA-ZAN guesthouse 2 flowers 4 10 Ocna Şugatag Str. George Enescu nr. 139 0744.821.234; 0740.069.801
CRAIASCA hotel 2 stars 75 173 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 0262.374.372;
DALIA villa 3 stars 1 6 Ocna Şugatag Str. Stejarului 0262.374.405
EUROSIND hotel 3 stars 24 48 Ocna Şugatag Str. Dumbrava nr. 8 -
HOLIDAY guesthouse 3 stars 11 22 Ocna Şugatag Str. Dumbrava, FN 0262.218.454
HOLIDAY DREAM guesthouse 3 flowers 6 12 Ocna Şugatag Str. Dumbrava nr. 20 -
IEDERA guesthouse 3 flowers 5 12 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 32 -
LARISA guesthouse 3 flowers 4 8 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 73 0262.371.171
MAIA guesthouse 3 flowers 7 14 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 4A -
MANOLO guesthouse 3 flowers 10 20 Ocna Şugatag Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 405 0262.374.278
MANOLO camping houses 2 stars 4 12 Ocna Şugatag nr. 405 -
MARAMU agro guesthouse 2 flowers 2 5 Ocna Şugatag nr. 290 0760.149.552
MARAMUREŞ-HOTENI guesthouse 3 flowers 3 6 Ocna Şugatag nr. 35 -
MARIANA guesthouse 3 flowers 5 13 Ocna Şugatag Str. Primăverii nr. 39 0262.374.131;
MARIOARA agro guesthouse 2 flowers 4 8 Ocna Şugatag nr. 346 0262.374.593
MĂRIOARA BREB agro guesthouse 3 flowers 4 8 Ocna Şugatag nr. 346 -
N & D CRYSTAL guesthouse 3 flowers 13 29 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 96 -
POARTA MARAMUREŞULUI guesthouse 3 flowers 9 18 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 15 0729.580.818; 0263.374.233
POHL guesthouse 2 stars 5 10 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 10 0262.374.250
POPASUL DIN DEAL guesthouse 3 stars 14 26 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1D 0262.374.031
SALINA hotel 2 stars 38 76 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 5 0262.374.362
SALZBURG camping 2 stars 10 40 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 3 -
SANDRA guesthouse 3 stars 7 14 Ocna Şugatag Str. Grădina Dumbravei nr. 1 0745.035.232
STANA cabin tourist 3 stars 14 28 Ocna Şugatag FN 0729.330.144
TELEPTEAN guesthouse 3 flowers 13 25 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1C 0745.614.981
TIPLEA agro guesthouse 3 flowers 8 16 Ocna Şugatag Str. Avram Iancu nr. 14 0262.374.077;
VIDRA guesthouse 3 stars 6 12 Ocna Şugatag Str. I.L. Caragiale 0262.374.159;
VILLAGE guesthouse 1 flower 7 15 Ocna Şugatag nr. 349 0725.141.545
WILL'S hotel 3 stars 24 36 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1B 0741.640.985
POIANA CORNET guesthouse 3 flowers 14 30 Rona de Sus FN, Km 86, DN 18, loc numit Hera 0766.394.757;
Food structures
Name of structureType of structureCategoryNumber of placesTownAdressPhone no
CRAIASCA confectionery 2 stars 50 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 -
CRAIASCA day bar 2 stars 30 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 0262.374.372
CRAIASCA disco bar 2 stars 50 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 0262.374.372
CRAIASCA brewery 2 stars 70 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 0262.374.372
CRAIASCA classic restaurant 2 stars 307 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 0262.374.372
EUROSIND classic restaurant 3 stars 160 Ocna Şugatag Str. Dumbrava nr. 8 -
HOLIDAY DREAM summer garden 3 stars 30 Ocna Şugatag Str. Dumbrava nr. 20 -
POPASUL DIN DEAL pension restaurant 3 stars 130 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1D 0262.374.133
SALINA classic restaurant 2 stars 360 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 5, hotel -
SALZBURG day bar 1 star 40 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 3 -
STANA day bar 3 stars 12 Ocna Şugatag - -
STANA pension restaurant 3 stars 60 Ocna Şugatag - -
STRAND CRAIASCA classic restaurant 2 stars 110 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 7 -
TELEPTEAN pension restaurant 3 stars 80 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1C 0262.374.177
WILL'S day bar 2 stars 25 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1B 0741.640.985
WILL'S classic restaurant 2 stars 110 Ocna Şugatag Str. Unirii nr. 1B  0741.640.985

Tourist trails

Ocna Șugatag is a destination for several categories of tourists; those who want to travel mountain trails can do it in a special natural environment; those who are interested in the area-specific flora and fauna can see many rare species; those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline rush will find near this area places fit for mountain climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing; finally, those who love fishing can do it on the Gabori lake.

Some of the well-known tourist trails in the area are:

  • The trail Morărenilor Lake Reserve: Ocna Șugatag – Hoteni – Breb - Tăul Morărenilor - Tăul Chendroaiei - Creasta Cocoşului.
    Marking: red cross; Duration: 7 hours; The trail is 18 km long and the departure is from Ocna Șugatag or Deseşti.
  • The trail Drumul Verde – "Drumul Moştenirii Maramureşene" ("Road of Maramureş Legacy")
    It crosses 7 localities: Ocna Șugatag, Budeşti, Hoteni, Hărniceşti, Deseşti and Mara. It includes 7 protected areas: Creasta Cocoşului Reserve, Crăiasa Forest, Morărenilor Lake, Hoteni Lakes, Iezerul Mara Peat Moor, Cheile Tătarului, Poiana Brazilor Bogs.
  • Coştiui – Hills of Maramureş – Rona Depression/rivers Rona and Ronişoara, Apaffy Castle – Roman-Catholic Church, Ukrainian Church – Natural Reserve "Ronişoara Durmast Wood" – Coştiui Lake.
  • Ocna Șugatag - Piemontul Marei / Cosău river – "Vlaschinescu" and "Tăul lui Dumitru" bog reserves on the Izvoarele plateau – salts lake formed by the collapse of salt mines, Crăiasa Forest – forest larch and oak reserve.
  • Ocna Șugatag, Locality Breb - Piemontul Gutinului – Gutâi Mountains (Gutin) / Breb river – Morărenilor Lake – "Saint Michael and Gabriel" wooden church – backpacking to the Gutin Peak, Creasta Cocoşului Peak.
  • Ocna Șugatag, locality Hoteni - Maramureş Depression - Piemontul Marei - "Saint Michael and Gabriel" wooden church.
  • Ocna Șugatag, locality Șugatag - Piemontul Marei / Mara river– "Saint Paraskeva" wooden church.


Vişeu de Sus

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